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7 Laundry Mistakes You’re Making

7 Laundry Mistakes You’re Making

6 Jun

7 Laundry Mistakes You’re Making

7 Laundry Mistakes You’re Making

No complex science is involved in washing clothes, but the simple task is prone to silly mistakes. Dirt and dust will remain a true companion of your everyday routine, which means you will be washing and folding clothes for a long time. It’s better to perfect your washing style now, to avoid stains and grime residue in the future.

Here is a list of common laundry mistakes you may be making in your daily routine.

Furious stain removal

If you rub your clothes vigorously to remove stains, you are possibly wearing out the fabric. Instead, use right cleaning agent and adopt a gentler approach. Next time when you stain your clothes, treat them immediately. Use a damp white cloth to soak the stain, dab gently instead of rubbing vigorously. And contain the stain by working from the outside.

Detergent overload

Too much of detergent leaves behind a residue in your clothes, whereas, too little leaves your clothes dirty. Moreover, excessive use of detergent prevents dirt from being properly rinsed from the clothes, which can lead to bacteria buildup.

Check the detergent packaging for recommended quantity for each wash. If there is no direction on the detergent, do the math. Reduce the amount of detergent you use for your normal load by half. Increase the quantity of detergent, if you notice dirt on your clothes.

Loading incorrectly


Do you shove heaps of clothes directly into the machine, and hope for a miraculous c

leaning job?

You are doing it wrong.

When dealing with a top-loader machine, follow this process of loading:

  1. Load clothes
  2. Add water
  3. Add detergent

Previously clothes were added at the end to prevent residue buildup on the clothes. But now detergents are free of phosphate and don’t harm the fabric. So, unless you are not bleaching your clothes, use the above-mentioned technique.

Washing dry clean-only at home

Manufacturers recommend professional dry cleaning and pressing services for the safety and longevity of the fabric. Avoid washing them at home. Even if you do feel like washing dry-clean-only clothes at home, hand wash them. Check for color fastness, by testing the seam with water.

If the fabric is color-safe, dunk it in soapy water 1-2 times and rinse. Use a towel to soak water, then let it air dry. However, this process is not recommended. You could damage fabrics like silk, leather, and embossed garments.

Unzip zippers and buttoned buttons

Zips are like metal teeth waiting to gnaw on your clothes. Zip all the zippers to the top, before washing them. Moreover, unbutton all buttons; they add stress and resistance to the clothes.

Unleveled washer

Placing the washer directly on the floor can cause damage to the machine’s part and the floor. Specifically, the tub bearing and the shock absorbers gets damaged due the constant vibration, when the machine is running. Add few inches of gap between the floor and the machine to absorb the vibration.

Forgetting to swipe the dryer

Lint accumulates in the dryer, even after you empty the lint filter. This is a serious fire hazard, as the lint clogs up the dryer’s duct, preventing heat to escape. Wash the lint filter once a while, and detach the dryer’s hose located at the back for an annual cleaning.

If you need expert advice, get in touch with Imperial Valet. We provide free laundry pickup and delivery for various areas in Washington DC. You can also avail our dry cleaning and pressing services, along with our expert stain treatment. Call (202) 785-1444 to get your laundry situation under control.

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