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3 Compelling Reasons to Get Your Clothes Dry Cleaned Professionally

3 Compelling Reasons to Get Your Clothes Dry Cleaned Professionally

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1 Jan

3 Compelling Reasons to Get Your Clothes Dry Cleaned Professionally

Perks of living in the era of modern technology include throwing in all kinds of dirty towels, bed sheets, and clothes in the laundry without the need for any manual labor. All it takes is a small dab of washing detergent, tweaking the settings, and voila!

But there’s a better way of getting your clothes cleaned?

Professional dry-cleaning services aren’t only safe for your clothes but also provide a higher level of cleaning and cloth preservation. In this blog, we share 3 compelling reasons to get your clothes dry cleaned by the professionals.

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Complete Stain Removal

Why would you need professional services for stain removal when your washer can do the job just fine? The problem is, we don’t really notice the hidden stains left behind that can ruin the look of our clothes.

Consider this: You’re at your favorite steak joint and just when you’re about to take a bite, you drop a piece of juicy meat on your clothes. You proceed to take a wet cloth and wash away the stain. It would appear to be clean but the oils in the meat don’t wash away that easily. Professional services make use of powerful degreasing agents that do away will all sorts of stains that may be hard to identify at first.

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Fabric Knowledge and Expertise

While most of us are aware of the common types of fabrics, it’s the other; slightly more difficult to pronounce fabrics (we’re looking at you Faille, Lucille, and Angora) that require the extra attention.

You can try researching and search for the right detergents or just take it to the professionals who have the proper knowledge of cleaning a variety of materials. Uncommon fabrics found in suits, blouses, and neckties can yield disastrous results if cleaned with water or a home remedy and can prove very difficult (and at times, impossible) to reverse.

Added Convenience

Because professional dry cleaning has evolved into a proper industry, both the quality and quantity of services have expanded. Cleaners not only dry clean your clothes but also stream and hand-press them. They even possess the tools to press collars, cuffs, jackets, and blouses all of which means that your clothes get a wonderful wrinkle-free finish in addition to being properly cleaned. This level of convenience is great especially for those of us that are studying, doing a job or both and would like to relax and decompress when coming home rather than go out and do the laundry.

Picture showing dry cleaning vs laundry Washington dc

Our dry cleaning services in Washington come with pick and drop facilities. Allowing you to avail high-quality cleaning from the comfort of your home! Contact us today!

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