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3 Common Laundry Myths Debunked!

3 Common Laundry Myths Debunked!

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11 Nov

3 Common Laundry Myths Debunked!

When it comes to cleaning clothes and doing laundry, we all want the quickest and the least expensive methods for the best results. The internet is loaded with tons of tutorials and cleaning hacks that are quite cost-effective. However, there are also a number of tips that are nothing but myths. They can cost you more and do more damage than good to your clothing items.

To keep you from falling for these misconceptions, we have debunked the three most common myths that are associated to laundry.

Hair Sprays Can Remove Ink Stains

People started using hair sprays to clean off ink marks on their clothes during the 1950s. This hack might have been very useful back then when hairsprays were comparatively less intense. Today, however, hairsprays are made using newer formulas that contain alcohol and other harmful chemicals that can actually damage the fabric of your clothes and strengthen the stains.

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Rinsing Black Clothes in Coffee Water Will Retain Their Color

So, some people still actually believe that adding black coffee to their rinse water will make their faded black clothes—well, blacker. This hack might be useful, but a cup of espresso won’t suffice. You might actually need a washer full of black coffee to see a little difference. To keep your black clothes from fading for real; use the right detergent for laundry or hand them over to a dry cleaner.  Now we are talking!

Laundry – More Detergent Means Cleaner Clothes

More is definitely better when it comes to food. But, when we are talking about laundry, more detergent may actually cause irreversible harm to your most favorite clothing items. Thicker suds and more bubbles sure look satisfying to the eyes, but it can redeposit to the dirt, soil, and grime onto your fabric. The best way to control your detergent usage is to measure the quantity of detergent before throwing it into the washing machine. Most of the liquid detergents these days now come with caps that have measurement scales. Invest a little in those detergents and keep yourself from damaging expensive clothes.

Or, you could just sit back and relax at your home, while Imperial valet takes care of your laundry! We even offer free laundry delivery and pickup in DC for our commercial and residential clients. Along with top-quality laundry, we also offer dry cleaning, alterations, shoe repair, and leather and suede cleaning services. For more information about our services, call us at (202) 785-1444 or (202) 723-9535!

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